You’ve heard of Cullybackey,
The village of Yin-o-Yin,
Of how it got this peculiar name,
Or how did it begin.

Suggestions have been many,
But everyone a doubt;
Listen to me carefully
And I’ll sort this problem out.

Yin and Wan were Chinese men,
Who longed for a better life,
They came to Cullybackey,
In search of an Irish wife.

They were both successful
And families they did start;
Yin had Wan and Wan had Yin,
Just a few weeks apart.

At the double christening,
They named them Wan and Yin;
Wan a girl and Yin a boy
Loved to be together.

And the parents always said,
God made them for each other
But it was not to be as Wan she died
And Yin betrothed another.

Yin and his wife had only Yin,
Yin a lass without a brother
So Yin-o-Yin was the last of Yins,
There never was another.

She sailed away to China,
To a new and wealthy life;
Sure she made the Emperor
A beautiful charming wife.

Her name it was adopted
By the village folk;
Generally it’s accepted,
But some take it as a joke.

I hope I haven’t confused you;
I’ve explained it as best I can,
Don’t be too frustrated
By the Yins and the Wans.

If ever in the village,
Just call at the Village Inn;
Fill your glass and drink a toast
To Cullybackey,Yin-o-Yin.

Robert D. Lynn January 1996

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