(With apologies to Mr Rudyard Kipling)

When the last golf round has been ended,
And the clubs are rusty and bent,
When the oldest duffer has ???
And the last long carry is spent;
We shall all need a rest from our labours
Lie down on the links by the sea,
Till the voice of the starter shall call us
To take our turn at the tee.

Then those that were “bad” shall be happy,
Their drives shall be straight and clean;
They shall lay themselves dead with the brassy,
And never lose strokes on the green.
With ease they shall copy their models
Auchterlonie, Vardon and Ball;
They shall start a tenth round in the evening,
And never feel tired at all.

By success shall the starter be gladdened,
For our errors the starter shall weep;
And no one shall play for medal
And no one shall tie for the sweep;
But each without fear or disaster,
Whate’er may befall, undismayed,
Shall play, for the joy of the playing,
The game as it ought to be played.

S. F.,January 1918

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