In the shadows of its great church spire lies a picturesque wee village
Its origins acquainted to its fertile land and tillage
Its founding art a spade mill, the ancient books would say
Hence the spade related name still used by us today.

This obviously preferred low ford, to cross the river Maine
Was providing drink and power this commune to maintain
In natural progression, the river soon was spanned
When a sturdy six arched bridge-way, was laid and built as planned

Farming led to industry, where the linen trade was born
Powered by the mighty Maine, in its water turbine form
The long renowned Maine Works sprang up, to establish great wealth
To employ and succour local homes and maintain their strength and health

From farming and from industry, the village prospered so
As the pen and quill too flourished and the churches too would grow
The “Oul School At The Pun” we know, as an early seat of learning
Till Buick’s intervention came and fulfilled more pupils yearning

The people now were nourished, in body mind and soul
To develop as a village, was now their aim and goal
And so we look around today and see what time has done
All things have turned full circle, from where it first begun

The linen industry has gone, as progress takes its course
Replaced by modern enterprise, from a new inspired source
Business and inventive minds, have carried us along
And kept us to the forefront, competitive and strong

Today we’re still improving, through our cultural expression
On our tourists and our residents, we make quite an impression
Our various societies and eager volunteers
Complimenting the endeavours, of the folk of yesteryear

So let’s go forth in harmony, whether slow or whether fast
To create a Cullybackey, that will match our glorious past
Through prayer, hard work and learning, may we use our rich resources
To become a place of worship that will quell all evil forces.

William Livingstone
28th March 2016

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