I min’ whun I wus younger, freens,
Awa ba’k in tha jolly teens,
Times frought wae monie happy scenes
Fur me an’ you.
Oh! had the half those micht “hae beens”
Became rael true.

Alas, hoo apt whun we ir bate
We lee the blame on cruel fate,
Instead o’ on oor ain auld pate,
Sensiless an’ licht;
Wae heavy heart an’ oot o’ date
We pye it ticht.

Still ither yins wha dae nae care,
An’ niver try tae dae an’ dare
Can plunner aff an’ ample share,
An’ aye content.
While ithers work thir auld banes bare
Withoot a cent.

Bit leein’ these things tae the side,
Alang wae al’ oor empty pride,
In ither pads we’ll gently glide,
Though short’s oor time;
An’ monie gutters I maun hide
In this bit rhyme.

Yin person sa’s anither reaps,
Anither laughs, anither weeps,
Anither gees, anither keeps
Baith bad an’ guid;
Anither wurks, anither sleeps,
Leevin’ ur deid.

Which gars me think on Mr. Fleemin’,
Free frae al’ sloth an’ idle dreamin’,
A clergieman aye soone an’ reemin’
Wae Gospel truth;
Wha’s face we hope tae lang see beamin’
Wae wonted youth.

An’ Mr. A. T. o’ Church fame,
Wha made the Craigs his parish hame,
I need nat mention his dear name,
Ye ken him weel;
An’ Mr. Weir, wha wud lame
An’ oust the deil.

An’ Mr Moody o’ the Pun,
Wha’s preachin’ signified “weel done,”
Has got his race wae patience run
An’ noo is blest;
An’ laurels Mr. Fallon won;
He geen his best.

An’ Dr. Buick ‘bin thim a’
Fur whom we had that special gra,’
Lees at Damascus far awa
But God him keeps
So noo yer tears I maunie dra’
Behold, he sleeps.

Freens, at this present time I see
Four stalwart clargy as cud be,
Wha fill thir pulpits tae a T
Wae muckle grace;
An’ al’ sae homely, nice, an’ free
In ony place.

Mr. Lyons is second tae nane,
Mr. Corkey’s prized, that’s plain,
Mr. Townsend he’ll explain
Weel what he’ll preach;
Mr. Salmond cud melt a stane
Wae cliver speech.

We hope til’ see thir wurds tak root,
An’ bud an’ blossom an’ bear fruit,
Tae testify baith in an’ oot,
By nicht an’ day.
That they ir richt withoot a doot
Noo an’ fur aye.

Young Nummer, May 1907

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