Great men o’ lerning noo-a-days
Reside in ilka hoose;
Wae ready pen you wull them ken
In controversy’s crouse,
The poorest man, frae dee tae dan,
Tae famous note may rise:
Tae keep him still wae empty till
Be sure tae criticise.

There is a class wha fain wad pass
Tae hights they ne’er shud climb;
Ambition’s might is a’ the light
They swear by in their time.
Their names are kent in mony a prent,
Disseminating lies –
Their themes are dry, then pass them by,
And never criticise.

Shud concert fad e’er be the pad
Your keener scent may tak,
Then onward go, wae nose fu’ low,
An’ cloak nae we mistak.
The greatest man e’er graced the lan’
By quateness ne’er did rise –
Whar worth is gien ‘t wull show its een,
Although you criticise.

In wordy yelp let crack-brains skelp
The pleasures o’ the past;
Their shady move but goes tae prove
That they’re eclipsed at last.
The favourite star on cloudless car
Tae zenith hights wull rise,
And clear outshine the puny whine
O’ those wha criticise.

Cullybackey Auld Nummer 14th November 1891

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