Not far from famous Lurgan town
On Lough Neagh’s fertile shore,
Dear Anna Loiste we love so well
Growing more and more.

The neat Orange Hall is up-to-date,
And we are proud to see
Their banner bright when its unfurled,
States lodge is now T.T.

The Mission Hall though mainly wood
Is solid as a rock,
Supplying well a long-felt want,
As sheep-fold for the flock.

The service and the cottage work
Attract the goodly few,
Because so many in our day
Are out for something new.

But of the Sunday School held here
So full of life and youth,
With thankfulness we would refer
Encouraging the truth.

The Archdeacon is the captain good,
Bob Berry is second mate;
True teachers are the faithful crew
Who we would term “first rate.”

As passengers the scholars bright
Are taught from sacred page
In classes regulated well,
According to their age.

Young minds are much like melted wax
So easy to impress,
That lasting harm has oft been done
Through lack of carefulness.

Good teachers we would here remark
Teach only Bible truth;
As nothing else will stand the test,
Or blessing bring the youth.

Dear scholars heed the good you hear,
It’s what we say to you;
So that in years that lie ahead,
You may be teachers too.

Any may each one who reads these lines
Remember this with care,
That what applies to Annaloiste,
Applies to everywhere.

Old Adam, Lurgan, March 1937

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