(St. John XX., 12-13)

So spake the sweet angel voices
To one devoted woman,
Whose love brought golden words to us,
From where our Lord had lain,
So speak the same holy echoes,
With joy and hope to all men
“Why weepest thou?”

Come, brothers! Rise and live anew,
Not ponder the price in pain;
High tasks are here for us to do,
Since Christ is with us again.
The promise is, while we are true,
That He will with us remain,
As we allow.

Ye faithful souls! fresh courage take,
To strive for home and freedom,
And, loyal stand for your land’s sake,
To save from vice your kingdom.
Rouse, rouse again your friends to make
A blest release from thraldom,
So do it now.

See! the dawn of a brighter day
To serve your God and country,
Calls you to guide our hearts away
From all soulless foolery.
Therefore example show, you may
Save lives to-day from misery
And furrowed brow.

Hark! the voice of spring-tide whispers
Awake to love’s word; be wise;
Cast from you all galling fetters;
Ye sons of the ages, rise!
Ye queens of our homes and altars,
Let heaven dawn to mortal eyes.

J. Townsley, Kilchatton Bay 1926

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