Sweet Cullybackey! bright and fair,
To thee I breathe a fond farewell,
To all thy charms and beauties rare,
In midst of which I loved to dwell;
I say an honest, kind adieu,
And wish thee every blessing true.

Wherever I may roam below,
Whatever scenes may meet my gaze,
Amidst them all my heart will flow
To thy sweet charms, and sound the praise
And worth of many friendships strong,
I found and formed thy shades among.

How dear to me thy scenes have proved,
How sweet the joys thy place affords,
How much them truly I have loved,
I cannot well express in words!
But now I leave them all behind,
Whilst other scenes engage my mind.

Long shall my memory retain
Thoughts of the lovely sights on view
Along the bonnie banks of Maine,
When nature dons her summer hue;
Scenes of variety and grace,
Where peace and beauty interlace.

Sweet Cullybackey! still on thee
Its brightest beams may heaven pour,
May simple truth and friendship free
Increase and spread for evermore;
Prosperity and peace be thine,
Success and progress on thee shine.

And now again I say farewell,
Sweet, charming spot, so richly blest,
Thy praise aright I cannot tell,
And therefore leave it unexprest;
To stay with thee my heart would fain,
Adieu, adieum, sweet banks of Maine!

R. C. MacBride, B.A., Paisley, 31st May 1929

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