The “townland”, a term exclusive to Ireland, defines its smallest officially recognised unit of territory. Of the 62,000 townlands in Ireland, 9,700 are in Northern Ireland. Ranging in size from a ¼ of an acre to 7,012 acres they are one of the most dominant, although invisible features of the landscape. They are of great antiquity and there is evidence of their existence before the 12th century. These small administrative units are combined to form a parish, with a number of parishes forming a barony. Listed below are the townland surrounding Cullybackey.

Artibrannan Townland Dreen Townland Galgorm Parks
Ballyclosh Townland Dromore Townland Kildowney Townland
Ballyconnelly Townland Ballywatermoy Townland Killycowan Townland
Broughdone Townland Drumrankin Townland Killyless Townland
Carclinty Townland Dunminning Townland Loan Townland
Cardonaghy Townland Dunnygarron Townland Moylarg Townland
Craigs Townland Fenagh Townland Tullygrawley Townland
Cullybackey Townland Fenaghy Townland